We're excited to introduce the 'Booking Series' feature in OskarOS, a simple yet powerful tool to help you plan and offer events more efficiently. This feature allows you to create a series of dates or events that clients can book as a package. It's a practical addition to our standard scheduling feature and is designed to make your event planning easier.

Where to find the new feature:

In your booking options, look for the tab labeled ‘Schedule event(s)’. It's conveniently placed right next to your regular schedule for easy access.

Click on ‘Add another event to series’ within this tab. This is your first step to create a series of events. Each click allows you to add a new event to your series.


Note on pricing for event series:

When setting a price for an event series, remember the price is per event for now. For example, for a 10-session course costing a total of USD 80.00, set your price at USD 8.00 per session. The total will be calculated automatically by our system during the booking process of your clients.

What you can do with 'Booking series':

Common uses:

  1. Bundled events: Offer a set of related sessions as a package, making it convenient for clients to book the entire series.